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What's the deal?

To add a new question go to Centavizer simply awards cash for your steps. Period. Its finally time to be rewarded for all your effort. Think of it like a virtual coupon. But . . . there are fewer limits as to how and where you can use your CENTZ. app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

Where can I redeem my Centz?

Centavizer is widely accepted at most national chains, franchises and many local retailers and services companies. Our list of partners is rapidly growing.

Do my Centz ever "expire"?

CENTZ are good until you use them, there is no expiration date. You can save your CENTZ for large purchases or redeem them for products and services at your favorite locations.

Can I use more than one fitness tracker or smartwatch?

You sure can. Using multiple fitness trackers? Switch between your devices and keep your CENTZ flowing. We understand that no two fitness trackers work exactly the same. We want to help you maximize your earnings in every way possible. 3rd Party Health and Fitness App Sync

Google Fit

Connect other apps with Google Fit - Android - Google Account Help

Apple Health

How do I sync third-party apps to Apple's Health App? | The iPhone FAQ

Samsung Health

Connect accessories and apps to Samsung Health

Can I change or upgrade my fitness tracker?

Yes, the Centavizer app offers a way to change your tracker, your CENTZ bank account will not be affected.

How are my Centz calculated?

Centavizer calculates a given value for every mile tracked. Get your entire family involved! Even your kids can participate and earn CENTZ with you. It doesn't matter whether you run or walk, you'll still be earning CENTZ.

Are there ways to earn more CENTZ?

Add your fitness tracker and get $5 added to your CENTZ bank. Get three friends to use Centavizer and we'll add $20 in CENTZ to your bank. Recommend three businesses that are not yet partners. When those businesses become Centavizer partners we'll add $25 to your CENTZ bank.

We encourage you to wear your fitness tracker daily to capture the full value of your efforts. Set goals and Centavizer will double your CENTZ when those daily goals are reached. For example: Set a goal of 5000 steps per day, meet that goal and we'll double your earnings for that day. Change your goals regularly for personal challenges and to optimize your rewards

Can I share my Centz with friends and family​?

At Centavizer sharing is caring. We are working to provide the ability to transfer your CENTZ however you wish. Any of your friends or family who use Centavizer can received your shared CENTZ. You can also request and receive shared CENTZ as well.

Is there a cap on how much money I can have in my Centz account?

Nope. There is no limit on your earnings. We encourage you to see just how much you can earn. Challenge and invite your friends to a friendly competition.